Update on what your Member of Parliament is doing about Quinte’s Labour Shortage

MP Ryan Williams is consistent in his commitment to work for the constituents of
the Bay of Quinte Riding on several issues. Housing, Health Care, Economic
Development and Veterans to name some key issues of focus.
Canada is experiencing a labour shortage of 1 million people across the country and
Bay of Quinte is no exception with a total shortage of 3,000 people for the current
job openings. MP Williams says “This skilled labour shortage cost the Canadian
economy $25 Billion in 2020, up sharply from $15 Billion it cost us back in 2015.
The issue is not only a lack of people available to fill those positions, but also a case
of not having enough trained or skilled people to fill those jobs.”
MP Williams is working with your local business owners and their respective
organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Manufacturers Associations, Quinte
Economic Development Corporation, Quinte Home Builders, Loyalist College and the
Centre for Workforce Development, as well as area municipal and provincial leaders
in an effort to develop solutions to this critical issue. There are many linked and
related issues that develop from a labour shortage including the provision of the
quality and quantity of services and products we need. Some of those include
critical services provided by governments and their agencies, small, medium and
large business, manufacturing and institutional sectors.
The labour shortage has already stretched our health care systems, our small
business sector, manufacturing and many others. We are experiencing a housing
crisis in Canada, Eastern Ontario and the Bay of Quinte and the recovery from this
crisis is made worse without having the necessary skilled labour for the various
trades and professionals required.