MP Ryan Williams Calling for Detox Centre in Bay of Quinte

Friday November 24, 2023

Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams met with Belleville Mayor Neil Ellis and Belleville
Police Services Chief Mike Callaghan to discuss the main concern in our community.
MP Williams says, “Homelessness is the single biggest issue Belleville, and the Bay
of Quinte Region is facing and with it a growing mental health and addictions
MP Williams says “To solve the homelessness issue, we first need to tackle the
rising number of drug and addiction problems. I support Chief Callaghan’s call for a
Detox Centre in our city. We must address the growing drug problem before it gets
more out of control.” Williams continues to advocate for transitional housing as he
has for the last 2 years with mental health and addiction support. He believes the
concept of a Detox Centre that is part and parcel with other community
organizations will ensure the best result. He says “To tackle the ever-growing drug
problem in Bay of Quinte, a Detox Treatment Facility is needed. It will ensure our
already depleted tax dollar will be stretched to get the best outcome.” Williams
envisions The Detox Centre working with local police and existing organizations like
Grace Inn Shelter, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, and the Enrichment
Centre for Mental Health.
MP Williams says, “Our tax dollars are being depleted dealing with the addiction
epidemic in our community.” MP Williams says he has heard from first responders
that the sheer volume of overdose calls in Bay of Quinte is alarming and that we
are in a crisis. Earlier this month there were over 90 overdose calls in one week.
There are currently 642 people locally on the waiting list for addictions and mental
health services. Williams has been a supporter of Transitional Housing but says “It
apparent that to end this crisis we need to focus on detox, counselling and
treatment centres.”