Bay of Quinte MP Williams – Catch and Release Plaguing Police

Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams had the opportunity to ride along with Belleville
Police officers recently. MP Williams wanted to hear firsthand what the officers are
dealing with in this region and see what they see on a daily basis. MP Williams says
“We have heard the term ‘catch and release” used a lot lately. Seeing is believing. I
got to witness firsthand officers dealing with repeat offenders who have been
arrested previously then let out to offend again.”
Prime Minister Trudeau’s catch-and-release bail policies, passed in Bill C-75, have
unleashed a wave of violent crime across the country. Bill C-5, which removed
mandatory minimum sentences for certain major crimes, has also ensured that
violent criminals are out of jail and into Canadian communities sooner.
MP Williams says “Local police are doing their jobs. They just don’t have the
backing of the Federal government to help keep those arrested in jail.” MP Williams
says Conservatives believe in jail, not bail for repeat violent offenders and those
that commit drug crimes. A Conservative government will bring home safe streets.
MP Williams states “A common-sense Conservative government will ensure that
repeat violent offenders remain behind bars while awaiting trial and we will bring
back mandatory jail time for serious violent crimes that were repealed by the