Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams: The Liberal Government is Liberating Drug Dealers. It’s Time to Stop the Madness

Belleville – Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams says after 9 years of this current Liberal Government, the time is NOW to crack down on crime. MP Williams brought in back-up to help bring that message home. Associate Shadow Minister for Justice MP Frank Caputo joined MP Williams this morning for a breakfast meeting with local constituents. Together they discussed the increased crime in Canada and what needs to be done to stop this crime wave.

MP Williams says “The Conservatives first priority is to fill the vacancies we have for judges. We have vacancies and that mean cases are being thrown out. The lack of judges means criminals are getting set free in our region and across Canada. We have also been adamant about jail not bail for repeat drug and violent offenders”

In February of this year, a State of Emergency was declared in Belleville following an precedented number of drug overdoses.  MP Williams states “The drug crisis in our community had paramedics responding to 240 overdoses in 11 weeks – we need tougher sentences to get the drug dealers off the streets.”

MP Caputo is a member of the Federal Governments Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security. After touring some of Canada’s prisons he says “Offenders like Bernardo and Magnotta are living better than many Canadians, with cable, a canteen and a beautiful gym. This is at a time when Canadians are having trouble when it comes to heating, eating and housing. This is breaking news. The correctional officers’ union tells us that crime is thriving, not on the streets but in jail, with drones dropping drugs and serious weapons.” Caputo says it has been 9 years with this current Liberal government and yet they still don’t get that violent offenders should not have access to these things.