Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams says yesterday’s budget is just trying to fix the problems the Liberal Government created

April 17, 2024

Yesterday the Liberal Government handed down its 2024 budget.
Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams says, “It seems that the Liberal Government has discovered that it is the source of some of the major problems that have been happening over the last 8 years in Canada.” MP Williams cites those problems like scaling and growing homes in Canada and tackling productivity. He also cites today’s budget as a way to try and fix the growing inflation and affordability crisis we have here in our country. MP Williams says, “Unfortunately this Liberal governments addiction to spending means that high inflation and high interest rates will persist and that is hurting Canadians the most. This current government shows no fiscal restraint in spending.” He says “We are seeing a budget that that has a 40-billion-dollar deficit this year, a 52 billion dollar deficit next year and 29.4 billion of new spending over 6 years. With that, there is also an increase of higher taxes which hurts all Canadians.”

MP Williams says the Conservative party had asked for some restraint in this budget. He says “We asked for 3 things: cut the carbon tax which is hurting Canadians especially farmers. We asked that they build homes not bureaucracy. And the third ask, was that the current government caps spending.”

Recently MP Williams introduced Bill-365, a bill focused on Consumer-led Open Banking. MP Williams says “The government has given some more verbiage on this issue but once again has said, that legislation would be introduced in the future, which means it’s not in place again yet.”