Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams is making sure “Quinte West Is the Best” and is not overlooked by VIA Rail

Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams is pleased that VIA Rail has reinstated early morning rail service to the region. As of May 27th, VIA Rail Train 641 will now be stopping at the Belleville rail station at 7:00 am. MP Williams says “This route is vital to residents of the Bay of Quinte region, as it offers rail service allowing them to travel to Toronto for work or medical appointments. We have not seen this morning train in our area since before COVID. We are pleased VIA has listened to the residents in Eastern Ontario and restored this early morning train.”

However, MP Williams says it is not all good news for this region. MP Williams says, “Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison always says, ‘Quinte West is the best’ and we are trying to make sure they are not overlooked. Right now, commuters are left standing on the platform because VIA Rail Train 641 will not be stopping at the Trenton station.”

MP Williams reached out to VIA Officials for clarification and was told that with a departure from Ottawa at 4:19 am, the schedule is too tight for a stop at every station and still arrive in Toronto before 9 a.m. VIA Rail says they did add a stop on train 41, leaving Ottawa at 5:25 am with a new stop in Trenton scheduled at 8:23 am for an arrival in Toronto at 10 am.

VIA Rail reps also assured MP Williams they are meeting with Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison next week to discuss the situation.