Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams is focused on the troubles of our community and the entire country as House of Commons resumes sitting today.

Ottawa – As the Federal Government resumes sitting today, Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams
says he and the Conservative party are focused on the troubles facing Canada and our
community. MP Williams says “Over the last month in the Bay of Quinte Riding I have heard
from many constituents about what they want fixed. It boils down to four things: the carbon
tax, building homes, fixing the budget and crime rates.”
MP Williams says “axe the tax” has resonated with everyone in his riding. Williams says “I have
heard from a senior who has resorted to selling her late husbands’ tools just to pay her bills.
Another couple came into my office and said they had to choose between giving each child a
Christmas gift or paying the heating bill – they chose Christmas but were worried about what
they were going to face in January when the overdue bill came in along with the current bill.
These are decisions people shouldn’t have to make.” MP Williams says the Conservative party
wants to eliminate the carbon tax and let Canadians have some financial breathing room again.
Over the past 4 weeks MP Williams met with all three Mayors from the Bay of Quinte. MP
Williams says, “The emphasis from all the Mayors was building affordable homes and having
more affordable rental.” MP Williams says housing has stalled in our region at a time when we
need to see it doubled.
MP Williams says The Fall Economic Statement legislation will be debated in the House today.
Williams says “The inflationary budget is adding to inflation while interest rates are meant to
stop it. You can’t do both. We need to balance the budget.” With 20 billion dollars of costly new
spending, this minibudget can be summed up very simply: Prices up, rates up, debt up, taxes
up, time’s up.

Bay of Quinte residents have also voiced their concern about crime in their neighbourhoods.
MP Ryan Williams says it all comes back to the Liberal Governments “catch and release” bail
policies, passed in Bill C-75. Williams says “Local police are doing their jobs. They just don’t have
the backing of the Federal government to help keep those arrested in jail.” MP Williams says
Conservatives believe in jail, not bail for repeat violent offenders and those that commit drug
As the Conservative Party moves forward on the four key priorities of axing the carbon tax,
housing affordability, inflation and crime rates, MP Ryan Williams is adding another item to the
agenda. MP Williams is Shadow Minister for Pan-Canadian Trade and Competition. In that role
he is focused on lowering cell phone bills and bank fees. MP Williams says “Canadians have had
enough with the lack of competition in our country. They are beyond frustrated with years of
paying some of the highest prices IN THE WORLD for our cell phone plans. This situation has
always been bad, but Rogers sharply hiking prices just months after swallowing Shaw is pushing
us past a boiling point.”